Transformer Oil Sampling Syringe

Product Specification

SAFETY FIRST’ Glass Syringe suitable for collecting oil  samples for DGA.Available in 50ml, 100ml or more.

  • The syringe is made up of heat resistant borosilicate glass.
  • These confirm to ISO 594/1; 595/2.
  • The material and construction is resistance to breakage from shock and sudden temperature changes.
  • It is annealed and tested until free of internal strain, to withstand repeated washing with hot water.
  • Reinforced at luer lock tip and barrel base, the points at which most breakage occurs.
  • The syringe plunger fit is leak proof and meets the requirements of Federal Specification GG-S-92 lb / A-A-54840 / ISO 7886, and are thoroughly checked for any leakage or backflow and for smooth plunger movement.
  • Plunger is individually ground and fitted to barrel for smooth movement with no back flow.
  • Barrel rim is flat on both sides to prevent rolling and is wide enough for convenient finger tip grip.
  • The syringe available in universal fit or custom fit designed. The custom fit syringes are uniquely numbered for matching.
  • The syringe metal luer lock tip meets the specification of American National Standards for Medical Material luer tapper fitting performances ISO 594 (Earlier HIMA MD 70.1 – 1983).
  • The fitting is made up of chrome plated brass and fits all female luer lock fitting.
  • The syringe plunger is colored beveled rimed to facilitate dosage measurement.
  • The syringe reinforced Flanges which is flat on two sides prevent the syringe from rolling.
  • The syringe contains no latex.
  • In compliance with IEC 60475, IEC 60567 & ASTM 3613.

Properties of the Glass :-

  • Thermal Expansion –
  • Water Resistance – K.
  • Density ( g / cu cm ) – 33
  • Acid Resistance – K.
  • Softening Point (  ͦ C) –
  • Alkali Resistance – K.
  • Annealing Point ( ͦ C) –
  • Strain Point ( ͦ C) –
Piston Outside Diameter36.22 mm +/- 0.20 mm
Barrel Outer Diameter40.00 mm +/- 0.20 mm
Barrel Collar Diameter55.00 mm +/- 1.00 mm
Piston Collar Diameter40.50 mm +/- 0.50 mm
Overall Length223.00 mm +/- 1.00 mm
Gradual Increment5.0 ml
Volume100 ml +/- 1.5 % of volume