Transformer Oil Sampling Bottles

Product Description

Oil Sampling Bottles upto 2Ltrs. Capacity.

Stainless steel Transformer oil sampling containers are made of stainless steel in various capacities from 0.3 liter to 2.0 liters as per standard specifications and drawing. Containers manufactured by us are made of SS304/SS316 OR as per requirement of the customer. Our bottles pass all the tests carried out for checking the quality of the bottles. Some alterations/deviations can be carried out as per the specific requirements of our customers. The containers manufactured by us are 100% leak proof and tested on stringent quality control measures. Made from Stainless Steel 304 grade, provided with filling and drain valves also of stainless  steel 304  grade. All parts of the body like nipples, etc. are made up of  stainless steel 304 grade.

Higher Capacity and Stainless Steel 316 grade material on request.

Connect one end of Oil Hose (4) to valve of transformer (5). Open the valve (5) and allow some oil to flow through the hose into over – flow vessel.  Connect the other end of hose to the sampling bottle. Open the valve (2A+2B) of the sampling bottle. Open the valve of the transformer. Fill the Sampling Bottle till Oil overflows from the top Close valve (2B), valve (2A) and valve (5) is sequence. Disconnect the bottle and take sample to lab for testing.

1.Oil Sampling Bottle1
2.Needle Valve2
3.Hose Nipple2
4.Filling / Drain Hose2
5.Transformer Valve