Safety Helmets

Product Specification
SECURE FIRST Helmets are beyond international contemporaries in terms of performance, protection & comfort, providing a high level of protection against multiple hazards in factories, construction sites, oil and gas industries, steel industries & other location.

We can provide you with two types of helmet:

  1. Helmet ( with Regular adjustment ).
  2. Helmet ( with Ratchet Type Adjustment ).

SECURE FIRST Helmets is provided in a vast range of colors which are stabilized against UV degradation through appropriate UV Stabilizer. SECURE FIRST as well provides a unique Auto-Glow Model which have a distinctive property of Photo-Luminescence and hence glows even in the dark.


  1. Helmet ( with Regular adjustment ).

The Helmet provides the finest levels of comfort to the user and comes with the following features.

  • Unique 6-point cradle for reduction of point impact.
  • Special grade Head-Bands made up of that conforms to EN 340-2003.
  • Comes with a specially adjustable Band to allow easy adjustment.

Features of the unique Head-Band and foams:

  • Allow good absorption of sweat.
  • Maintains a neutral pH, hence does not cause skin irritation.
  • Does not stain the skin through any release of color.
  • Its safe and not known to cause any harmful effects to the skin.
  1. Helmet ( with Ratchet Type Adjustment )

The unique features of SECURE FIRST Safety First Helmets are:

  • Triple corrugation of the shell givingĀ  it an increased impact resistant quality.
  • The shell is made up of specially formulated polymer which gives it an increased strength.
  • The six point attachment of the cradle within the shell has a unique angular placement to provide optimum shock absorption.
  • The head band is made up of non-irritant and soft fabric to provide maximum comfort to the user.
  • Shell is provided with an adjustable chin strap for universal adjustment.
  • The ratchet adjustment can be set to the correct head size by pushing the hand-wheel in and turning it. The adjustment position is locked when the hand-wheel is released.