Hydraulic Compressor unit

Product Specification
Hydraulic Compressors 

Hydraulic Compressors machines (Engine Operated) are suitable  to  joint  AAC/AAAC/ ACSR Conductor & Earth Wire, The  hydraulic compressor  mono  block  made  out  of  solid  EN 8   steel,   the  cylinder assembly is finished after the accurate boring, machining, honing & hard chrome plating procedure. Hydraulic Compressors ram made out of high carbon alloy steel, duly accurate machined, grinded  & hard chrome plated.

Capacity 100 ton 150ton
Ram diameter 135mm. 165mm
Travel of ram 35mm to 40mm 35mm to 40mm.
Ram retraction Through direction control valve. Through direction control valve.
O.D. Cylinder 225 +/- 5mm. 255 +/- 5mm.
Details of Pumping unit Diesel engine operated, supplied with piston radial Pump.
Working pressure 700 bars.
Piston affected area 214cm2 for 150 ton & 143cm2 for 100 ton
Valve & standard accessories Directional control valve, Pressure relief valve, pump plate or Bell housing, Gear coupling or pulley, V Belts, Suction strainer, Filter, Air breather, Oil level indicator, Drain plug, Pressure Gauge, Oil tank.
NOTE: – All valves & standard accessories will be reputed make
Diesel/ Patrol Engine Hose pipe Hiro Honda, Birla Yamaha, or Brigs & Stratton 5 H.P. 2 No. 10 meters each, Working pressure 10000PSI
Oil tank capacity of pumping unit 35 liter.
Oil used by the purchaser Hydraulic oil, Enclo 68.
Pressure gauge 100mm.
Rubber seals The machines have only one rubber seal with canvas reinforced contents in the ram. All other seals/ packing / gaskets have totally been eliminated for trouble free life.

Hydraulic Compressors Dies are available  for  any type AAC / AAAC / ACSR Conductor & Earth wire.  The  compression  dies  are properly machined, hardened & After that the  dies  are  duly  tempered  to release their internal stress for preventing the dies from breakage.  The  hardness   is  checked   on   45  to  50  Rockwell.  Our  all  the  dies are ground finished & anticorrosive treated for preventing from rust.

Our Products

Our products are well known for high efficiency, low maintenance and user friendly qualities. Our products range as follows:

  • Hydraulic Presses with hand or motorized power packs, (Fully & Semi Automatic)
    • Hydraulic Rubber Molding Presses, Hydraulic Work Shop Type Presses, Hydraulic Deep Draw Presses, Hydraulic C” Frame Type Presses, Hydraulic Broaching Presses and more type of Hydraulic Presses.
  • Hydraulic Jacks with hand or motorized power packs, Capacity up to 1000 Ton
    • Remote Controlled Type Hydraulic Jacks, Bottle Type Hydraulic Jack, Trolley Type Hydraulic Jack, Central Hole Hydraulic Jack, Low & High Lift Hydraulic Jack, Gang Operated Hydraulic Jack, Hydraulic Jack with Traversing Base.
  • Hydraulic Cylinders, Bore Diameter: 25mm to 600 mm & above
  • Pneumatic & Hydro-Pneumatic Cylinders, Bore Diameter: 25mm to 300mm
  • Hydraulic Lifting Platforms
  • Hydraulic Hand Pumping Unit
  • Hydraulic Motorized Power Pack
  • Hydraulic Compressors, (Hand Operated)
  • Hydraulic Compressors, (Engine Driven)
  • Hydraulic Crimping Machines & Tools
  • Hydraulic Dynamometers
  • Hydraulic Cable / Conductor Cutters
  • Turn Tables, (Drum Rotator)
  • Hydraulic Cable / Conductor Cutters

NOTE:- Design, type, specification are provided at the time of enquiry.

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