Fall Arresters

Fall Arrester
Product Specification
The Fall Arresters are designed to prevent the risks associated with a fall.

  • Striking an obstacle or the ground.
  • Excessive impact force.
  • Inter suspension: aggravates the person’s condition.

You must anticipate the required clearance. This clearance is the space required under the user so that he doesn’t hit any obstacles during a fall.


  • The length of the fall should always be minimized.
  • The clearance required depends on the system that you are using: lanyards, energy absorber, fall arrester device, etc. .
  • To guarantee the longevity of the equipment it is essential to inspect it regularly.

Absorb the energy of the fall in order to limit the impact transferred to the human body:

During a fall the worker should not be subjected to a force greater than 6kN. Two means are possible:

  • Be sure that the lanyards always remain attached to the anchor points, above the head, so that the length of the fall and the forced generated by the fall is minimized.
  • If it is not possible to limit the fall. The most common (protective equipment) with shock absorption are energy absorbers.

Maintain the victim in a position that limits the effects of inert suspension:

The Fall Arrester System is designed to minimize the effect of gravity on the human body during a fall. Despite this, the consequences of the fall are often serious. Hanging  immobile in a harness, regardless of the model use d can cause serious physiological harm.

This is not the case when the hanging victim is conscious as he is able to continually shift the pressure points of the harness by himself. In conclusion: teams must be knowledgeable, trained and  independent enough to rescue an unconscious worker or a worker incapable of self-rescue.


Clearance is the minimum distance required to present the user from striking the ground in case of a fall. The energy absorber limits the impact force on the user. With a significant impact, the user risks serious injurious if he has no absorber. The system extends in order to absorb the energy of the fall. The elongation must be taken into account when calculating clearance.

Working position:

This technique allows the worker to work while hanging in his equipment, hands free:

  • Where there is no risk  of falling into space : work positioning harness and lanyards.
  • Where there is a risk of falling : work positioning and fall arrester harness, work positioning lanyard, fall arrest system.